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3 octobre 2014 5 03 /10 /octobre /2014 16:47

         Should I open my window and hail you from there ?


A few friends of mine have just suggested that I should write in English too, guessing that beyond the coasts of the Herring Pond there might be people interested by what I comment upon in my daily blogs. I feel quite ready to do so, the more so as I have received one or two short notes already asking for it in English – how could I resist this clear evidence that two people would be interested ? The more the merrier, first of all – and then eventually I don’t see why English-speaking people would not be tempted to have a look on the things that make up the daily routine of a Frenchwriter, facts and reactions and considerations and judgements directly from the horse’s mouth. 

I therefore intend to publish this type of invitation a few times, offering a weekly contact to English or American correspondents. Why not choose on Sundays, which is the only day when I rest from my weekly work? We might begin on this rhythm – once a week for friends beyond the Atlantic or the Channel : wouldn’t that be nice?

My blog’s title is Desidéesetdesmots, that is to say ThoughtsandWords, and you can get me either on my French blog (me-Lucette.Desvignes - overblog.

com) or thro’ my e-mail lucette.desvignes@orange.fr.

         A simple word expressing your reaction at my suggestion would be appreciated. This title is to be kept regularly, a number being added Sunday after Sunday (if, of course). Let’s begin our contacts next Sunday, but I prefer to advertise my commodity as early as today Friday Oct.3rd.


The present advertisement will be repeated till I can come to an obvious conclusion. After a dozen times I promise I shall stop.

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